Samba Emoção

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Samba Emoção means
„pure emotion“.

We are extremely excited to present our singer Felicia Touré’s latest band project – Emoção. Emoção will wow your guests with a maximum of music and emotions straight from Brazil. Felicia will be accompanied by Rolf Marx (guitar) and Fritz Roppel (upright bass). They love music – and they love Brazil! The music of Emoção comes from Brazil, passionately sparkling like champagne. Hearts open when Felicia sings embedded in the virtuous tunes of Rolf Marx and Fritz Roppel. If you are looking for a special and authentic Brazilian act for your event, this is the group to book.

emocao quartet

num corpo so – comp. Picole/Arlindo Cruz
Brasilian Emoção Quartett (with perc.)

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Emocao Trio AFP 6897   2000x1335
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