Band Concept

  • ... goes brasil
  • ... goes Jazz
  • ... goes Party
  • … goes brasil

    Brazil, the home of fascinating rhythms and dances.
    MANTECA plays the passion of this music. The piano trio with its outstanding soloists confidents with an elaborated concert program. Supported by an female singer with expressive voice.
    Enthusiastic mood, sunny atmosphere!


  • … goes Jazz

    USA, the land of jazz.
    MANTECA plays swing & jazz standards of the american song book in its on way and style. As an instrumental trio, or in addition with a femal singer.
    The Drive of the band hits the audience. Concert or background music – it swings!


  • … goes Party

    Do you wanna dance?
    MANTECAs wide and great repertoire is perfect for any kind of event.
    Titels for Standard dances, as well as pop classics and more actuell chart music.


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